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Remote desktop client

Rsrdp uses Microsoft ActiveX Remote desktop control as the RDP client.

100% free

Rsrdp is released as open source under GNU GPLv3

Predefined hosts

You can create a list of predefined hosts with individual settings, you can group these hosts in groups for easier access. You can choose to connect to all hosts in a group with one command, can be useful when working with a cluster of servers.

Minimal interface

The interface has been designed to give as much screen size as possible for your connection, there is no toolbars that takes up unnecessary space. Hide the host switcher or pin the host list so the switcher is always visible.


No installation is required, this makes it easy to move around e.g. on an USB stick. Settings and hosts are stored in an XML file.

RDP Connection settings

You can configure each host with a wide range of settings, like redirection of sound, clipboard etc and performance options for reducing network traffic.

Other features

Remember rsrdp window size and position

An update function that checks if there is a newer version of rsrdp available